Saturday, March 22, 2008

San Pedro Cafe

On our way home from Minneapolis, we stopped off at one of our favorite little spots, the San Pedro Cafe in Hudson, WI. This is one place we keep coming back to. From flawless brunch on their patio with friends, to late-night dinners, this is one spot where we've never had a disappointing meal.
One of the best things about San Pedro is their wood fired oven, from which they produce some of the best breads, meats, and pizzas that you've ever tasted. Everything is made to order, and if you sneak a seat at the counter in the back, you can watch the chefs make their magic.

On this particular night, we chose a cozy booth toward the back of the restaurant, where we could relax and enjoy the view.

First, we ordered ourselves two of the best mojitos around.
And we sipped them in between bites of the duck nachos (Wood fire smoked duck with pico di gallo, monterey jack cheese, and tropical fruit salsa).

Then, we enjoyed two steaming bowls of roasted corn and conch chowder. Chock full of celery, corn, carrots, and plenty of tender pices of conch, the chowder really hit the spot. The corn had been roasted in the wood-fired oven, so the sweet creamy chowder had just a hint of smoky flavor. As if that weren't enough, the soup was garnished with some of the best wood-fire roasted tomatoes we'd ever tasted. Sweet, but pleasantly acidic, they were the perfect foil for the rich creamy soup.

To top things off, we sampled part of a wood-fired pizza. This was the Jamaican -- thin crust pizza with pomodoro tomato sauce topped with sliced jerked chicken breast, caramelized jerked onions, and goat cheese.

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