Thursday, March 6, 2008

Donut Burger?

Paula Deen is a sweet southern chef featured on the Food Network. She looks innocent enough. But, she does have a penchant for trying to deep fry just about anything. And she LOVES butter (you really have to check out this video... out of the mouths of babes...).

There is an amusing series on the Serious Eats web site entitled "Paula Deen is Trying to Kill Us," which is pretty funny.

Their latest is worth checking out. It features the Lady's Brunch Burger (a burger sandwiched between two doughnuts)...

Holy Heart Attack, Batman!

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  1. That donut burger looks absolutely wretched. I love donuts, love sausage, fried eggs are good, bacon, yum. But all together?

    I saw her once make a donut bread pudding. yikes.


  2. It grosses me out too.
    But, just this morning, Paul was telling me that he thinks it would be "totally awesome"... so maybe this is a boy thang. Paula does have two boys...

  3. Lo! Jeremy said the same thing!!



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