Monday, January 28, 2008

The Vikings are here!

A few Octobers ago, we ventured out to Dallas, WI with our good friends from Fargo for the Dallas Oktoberfest. This quaint town happens to have it's very own brewery, Viking Brewery. At that time, their distribution only went as far east as Madison, WI. Apparently things have changed!

At a recent visit to our co-op I took a happy stroll down the beer aisle. And to my amazement, I saw cute little 4 packs of beer with the Viking logo on them! I did a double take. Could this be? Is this for real? Yes. It is true. We now have Viking beer here in our area. This makes me very happy since they do some fun seasonal beers that they did not have at the festival. Like Hot Chocolate Beer. In addition to a cocoa flavor, it has a little cayenne pepper to it, so it has a bit of a kick. Keeps one nice and warm during the bitter cold.

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  1. Mmmm, you could pick some of that up and we can buy it off of you when we see you next!

  2. We'll have to remember that! We'd be happy to bring you some, if it's available...


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