Sunday, January 20, 2008

Restaurants We'd Like to Try

While the kitchen at BURP! is less active (we've been busy, and Paul has been out of town on business quite a bit), I figured I'd share some of our food related ramblings.

It's been a while since we ventured out to try a new Milwaukee restaurant. But, lately, the itch has hit. And I think we might just have to try one of these out in the near future.

  1. Stonefly - We like the Riverwest neighborhood for its bohemian appeal, and we seem to find hidden gems there all the time (like Nessun Dorma, one of our favorite summer haunts). So, we're hoping that Stonefly, owned by the former co-owner of Barossa (one of Milwaukee's first restaurants to feature "local, organic fare"), will be a winner.\
  2. La Merenda - Yay for tapas! Lo has been enamoured by small plates ever since her first visit to the Black Bottle in Seattle (where she feasted on such delicacies as blasted broccoli and grilled portobella and butter bean salad). Now that Milwaukee has joined in on the small plates trend, she's ecstatic, and excited to try this new spot.
  3. Triskele - This casual, comfortable-looking spot seems to be a nice place to lay low and enjoy a nice dinner.
  4. Meritage - Not sure why we haven't tried this hidden gem, since it's just a mile or two away (and the emphasis is on seasonal, local food). Jan Kelly (former owner of Barossa) is one of our heroes, and I've heard raves. So, let's go!
  5. Hinterland - I remember when the first Hinterland location opened in Green Bay. In the land of snow, ice, and Packers, it was before its time. Now, I'm curious about the Milwaukee Third Ward location... although we'll have to wait until we have a few more pennies to slide together to try this one.
  6. The Social - Not really a newcomer, this used to be an old favorite of ours, but we haven't visited their new location yet (despite the fact that they've been there for over a year now).

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