Friday, December 28, 2007

Lazy Day Chicken & Dumplings

This is the recipe on which Lo bases her lazy day version of chicken & dumplings. It's a great basic slow food recipe meant for a day when you have the time to linger around the stove and enjoy the process.

That much said, we all know that Lo can't follow a recipe without tinkering -- so her chicken & dumplings are invariably different. They're almost always chocked full of veggies (broccoli, more carrots, peas);in addition, Lo adds a splash of white wine to the roux, thickens the sauce a bit more than average, and often serves the dish "pot-pie" style in individual serving dishes. So, feel free to improvise. But, try this at LEAST once in its full glory before cutting corners. It's time consuming, but well worth the effort.

{Lazy Day} Chicken and Dumplings
Tyler Florence

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