Friday, December 7, 2007

Kitchen tools we wished we owned

Our entire (albeit small) KITCHEN (along with part of our basement and a section of our spare bedroom closet) is devoted to the storage of useful kitchen tools. There was a time when we would have DENIED being gadget freaks; but, these days we are beginning to realize our obsession. Whenever a new piece of kitchen equipment (or tableware) is introduced to the household, it inspires a frenzy. Where in the WORLD are we going to put another piece of kitchen equipment??

Our lack of space, however, doesn't prevent us from dreaming...
Here's a list of a few of our latest desires (you might be surprised by the things we DON'T own):

  • The Miraculous SideSwipe Spatula Mixer Blade -- Oh, the things we could whip up effortlessly with this handy dandy gadget. It would be the perfect accompaniment to our 6-quart KA mixer!
  • The ever useful enameled cast iron Dutch Oven (we wouldn't even be snobs about the branding on this one)
  • The Tagine -- for cooking up Middle Eastern, Asian, and African specialties.
  • The Mr. Bento Lunch Jar -- oh, the feasts we could cook up and take to work if only we had two of these!
  • We definitely need a new meat thermometer (I really need to check out the Cook's Illustrated ratings on these), as our old one has seen better days.
  • Oh, yes! And a pizza peel for making Burp's seriously delicious pies.

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