Friday, August 31, 2007

Life at Burp

So, inspiring dinners have been pretty rare at our house lately. We've been tangled up in automobile dealings (see our latest scrape and subsequent fix on the News from Peef and Lo blog) and haven't really spent much time cooking.

However, we have been doing a bit of thinking about what BURP! might look like... if it actually existed.

In a conversation over sandwiches and salad the other evening, we decided that a "salad and sandwich night" would probably be a summer fixture at BURP! Even in the winter months, we could pilot a more warming "soup and sammie" night.

To give credit where credit is due, we've been fond of the "soup and sandwich" concept for quite a while. It all started with a sandwich book we ran across, written by Nancy Silverton. She talks about a successful sandwich night in that book... and it always seemed to really fit into the BURP! branding concept.

The BURP! concept has evolved pretty steadily over the years. It has gone from dirty, hippie coffee joint... to semi-upscale trendy spot... to down-home oasis... to its current incarnation -- something that embraces aspects of ALL of the above. Whenever we're cooking, we're considering whether or not the food we're making fits into the BURP! concept. Some days it does; some days it doesn't. What we share here are versions of our favorites that we think might do justice to the BURP! menu.

So, what IS BURP! these days?
Well -- BURP! is that spot where everyone loves to go to dinner. It's the place you go to feel comfortable when dining alone; but, it's also a spot where you can hang with a group of good friends. BURP! will never be the spot to "see and be seen"... because we're not really about appearances here. We just want everyone to feel at home.

So, come hungry. We're waiting on you. ;)

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